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Character Name: Earl Ciel Phantomhive
Series: Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler
Timeline: After the events of volume 22.
Canon Resource Link: A detailed account of each chapter thus far.
Character History: Ciel was once the beloved child of Vincent and Rachel Phantomhive. He had a wolfhound named Sebastian, a cousin (and fiancee) named Elizabeth (or Lizzie), an Uncle named Alexis Leon Midford, another cousin named Edward, a whole bevy of servants (one of which was a butler named Tanaka), an Aunt who liked being called Madam Red and another Aunt who frightened him more often than not with his fencing lessons (dear Francis). Furthermore he had extended family too which included two German men named Chlaus and Diedrich. All in all, he had an ideal existence, never worrying beyond what activities were set for the day and/or his Asthma/various illnesses. Physically, he was always a weak child and thus much fawned over.

However one fateful day everything changed. A as-of-yet unnamed enemy (or enemies) entered his mansion home, killed his parents, his dog, mortally wounded Tanaka and kidnapped him. He was kept in putrid conditions for a month - caged, force-fed and forced to watch the sacrifice of other children. As his sanity broke, his will to live took its place; he didn't care who was killed in the process as long as he had his revenge for what was done to him specifically. Thus, during the summoning of a devil/demon (the point of why the children were sacrificed in the first place), Ciel reached out for the evil spirit, demanding his aid.

Said devil accepted him as his new Master and thus Sebastian the butler was born. Since that time, the broken Phantomhive mansion has been rebuilt, restaffed and Ciel himself has fully accepted the duties of being an Earl and the Watch-Dog/Guard-Dog of Her Majesty Queen Victoria (a place his father held before him). It is his job to investigate where she sends him and see to the silence/punishment of those who especially offend the Queen. Even what is left of Ciel's family is not immune to the Queen's - or, rather, his - justice - as seen with Madam Red's sorry fate.

The manga takes place in arcs and within each arc there is a case that Ciel (and Sebastian) must solve. Thus far they have seen to the demise Azzurro Vanel (an Italian gangster of sorts that wanted drugs from Ciel), one-half of Jack the Ripper (the other half being Grell who continues to be more of a nuisance than a hazard), the downfall of Harold West Jeb and the acquisition of a Royal Warrant for a new curry dish, the death of a whole circus troupe because of their loyalty to a mad aristocrat and the doctor who was trying to sculpt him into something/someone beautiful, the arrest of Karl Woodley (after an elaborate murder mystery that took place in the Phantomhive mansion during a storm), the dispatching of many zombies aboard a luxury liner (though sadly nothing could be done about their creator Undertaker at the present time), the discovery of even more zombies at a public school (as well as rather heinous activities performed by the students) and the expulsion of the students guilty of murder and contacting Undertaker in the first place and, finally, he has just finished a case concerning a lethal type of gas in Germany that was "guarded by a witch and werewolves". Ciel brought said witch back to England to discuss future endeavors with Queen Victoria and, as it turns out, the witch isn't a witch at all but a scientific genius instead.

Through every arc, more and more of Ciel's past is revealed and there have been some questions concerning whether or not he did, at one point, have a twin and if his true name is even Ciel. Only the future of the manga will reveal such. Until then, we know him as a boy who does his utmost to live in a dark adult world. Seeing the Queen's work done does bring about unexpected emotion from him at times - like after he saw the children in cages during the circus arc or after he was exposed to Sarin gas in the emerald witch arc. In both cases, he broke down, cried, retched, screamed and lost the callous facade of the Queen's Watch-Dog; he even ordered Sebastian to do things that went against his interests with the Queen (like killing the children/burning down Baron Kelvin's house). He is still very young, it seems, and he accepts, at last, that there are two sides to his personality (which might explain why he has divided himself into two selves in his mind); the child and the Earl. The child perished a month after his parents and the Earl has taken his place for better or worse. Happiness will always be brief for him for that reason; he does not live to find contentment or peace - he lives for revenge.

In the aftermath of the emerald witch arc, he returns to his mansion in England to rest and heal - as well as to prepare Sieglinde for her debut amongst English society. It is at this point that he will enter Wonderland.

Abilities/Special Powers: At this time, his only special ability is his contract/connection with Sebastian, a demon/devil. He has a demonic seal over one eye, which is why he usually keeps it covered with an eyepatch.
Third-Person Sample: The little witch is quite a delight! Oh Her Majesty would be busy with Lady Sieglinde for some time, he wagered. That case in particular had been very interesting, though Ciel would be glad when all of his scars from it healed - those within him most of all. His embarrassment over having shown his servants his pathetic self would not abate anytime soon. Moreover he found himself plagued by the past.

I was a fool to think there was anywhere to run. Hiding was simply not an option for him. He would not allow himself to be so cowardly. With Sebastian's aid, he would see himself avenged if naught else and that was no occupation for a child. I'm not that boy anymore, but I remember him better than I thought. He rubbed his brow, hissing when he encountered a bruise. Yes, all in all, he was rather glad the case was finished.

Gathering his cane, Ciel rose from his desk and made his way leisurely down one of the halls. The eyes of the portraits seemed to follow him, silently judging his progress. He smiled, ever so faintly, and opened the door to the library. It was time he brushed up on his chemistry. The formula for Sarin gas might come in handy and he knew if he couldn't remember it perfectly, Sebastian would be more than happy to assist.

I do not need him for every little matter. He browsed the shelves and gathered several books, setting them on a desk by the window. Outside, he spied Finny working on the trees and Mey-Rin hanging out fresh laundry. At least here, all was as it should be for the time being. Ciel knew that would not last for long - nor did he want it to as that would indeed void his contract with a certain devil. No, a peaceful life was not for him; he must live dangerously in order to keep his bitter anger for what had been done to him three years before.

First-Person Sample: (There is a small boy on the network and he seems to be missing an eye. However one would be very mistaken in thinking him helpless, innocent or naive. When he speaks, he has the voice of an English aristocrat; one that is accustomed to being listened to and obeyed.)

I do not believe for a moment that I have fallen into a fictional tale of white rabbits, red queens and other less mentionable absurdities. If you must call this Wonderland then I will acquiesce that said moniker may in fact be the name chosen for it. However it must exist somewhere on Earth. Surely we can agree on that much?

(Surely? Surely? He fears the silence or the outright refusal. Sighing, he drums his fingers on a desk.)

Is there anyone who hails from England? I shall need to send a message. (To the mansion and to the Queen.) To kidnap someone is not only offensive, but illegal. I shall go easy on you if you grant me my simple wishes. Do we have an agreement?

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